David Ellery started his writing career at the tender age of 16. While still at college his first published work appeared in a local paper and comprised various short articles and reports on community events.

RMS Queen Mary, by David Ellery, published by bloomsbury.com/uk

He followed this by becoming a regular freelance contributor of feature articles for county magazines across the south of England, very often accompanied by his own photographs. Themes varied widely from homes and interiors, through gardening and consumer advice to art and motoring.

As Ellery developed his writing skills he also became a regular contributor to national publications in the UK. His feature articles for magazines such as Homes & Gardens, Woman & Home, Woman’s Realm and the Express newspaper group comprised mainly human interest stories, celebrity features and history-related articles.

In addition to penning some 150 plus published articles David Ellery is author of four books, including two volumes on the last remaining 1930s ‘superliner’ RMS Queen Mary. A new edition of RMS Queen Mary 101 Questions & Answers was launched by Bloomsbury in November 2021, fully updated with additional illustrations. (Available in bookshops and from Bloomsbury by clicking HERE)

Ellery has also written and researched more than 80 scripts for documentary programmes and presentations.                                                                                                                                                                        

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